Broadband Mapping Data

In partnership with the Kansas Department of Commerce, the Data Access & Support Center (DASC) collected broadband service information from Kansas broadband providers in support of the Kansas Broadband Initiative and the National Broadband Map. The mapping portion of this project, funded by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA), came to an end in January, 2015. Due to the fact that current data is no longer being collected from Kansas broadband providers, the interactive mapping application and associated PDF map documents are no longer available from this web site. Please visit the Kansas Department of Commerce or the NTIA for more information.
DASC enjoyed working on this project and building relationships with the many broadband providers across the state.

mapper Interactive Map

Find broadband providers by location in Kansas or visualize broadband data by availability, maximum advertised speed, transmission technology or provider in your area of interest.

arcgisMap Gallery

View individual broadband map layers, embed maps on a website, and share maps on Facebook, Twitter and mobile devices.

speedStatic PDF Maps

View, download and print cartographic quality maps of broadband availability in PDF format. Maps are available statewide, by county, by KS House district and by KS Senate district. Other maps available include Demographic maps


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The Kansas Statewide Broadband Initiative (KSBI) is managed by the Kansas Department of Commerce.
For more information, please visit, or email

The mapping component of the KSBI is developed by the Data Access & Support Center (DASC).
For questions regarding the interactive or static (PDF) map displays contained on this site, please email .